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The Face of Horror

October 23rd, 2023

The Face of Horror

We live in trying times. It is November 2023. There is a war in Gaza, Ukraine, and turmoil in the North-Eastern state of Manipur.
We sit at home and pontificate. But we cannot understand the horror that the victims feel.

I created these images in NightCafe Studio AI and edited them in Luminar AI. I hope I captured some of the horror.

The Chemist

October 16th, 2023

The Chemist

I just uploaded five images of a ghoulish chemist. I made these in NightCafe Studio AI and then I edited them in Luminar Neo.

Chemists have been at the forefront of some excellent inventions. But some of their inventions have been horrific, leading to chemical warfare, addiction and other problematic uses.

They work hard. But what about some who are so obsessed with their work, they become ghouls?

That idea is behind my collection, "The Chemist."

Dark. New Collection

September 5th, 2023

Dark. New Collection

I created a new collection: Dark. I explore the darkness that always surrounds us. Sometimes, it appears as a monster. Sometimes, it seems as though the evil is rising within us.

All of us have a dark side and a bright side. The way the world is going now, it may appear that we are headed for the darkness.

The Fairy Princess. Unusual

August 11th, 2023

The Fairy Princess. Unusual

Most of my work is dark, and I explore dark themes. Once in a while, I do something different, like with this series on the Fairy Princess.

I don't know if the release of the Barbie movie inspired me to do this or if it was me fooling around.

Not my daughter. We used to buy her Barbie dolls when she was a child, but she always ripped the hair apart and twisted the limbs out of shape.

There is a market for images of a fairy princess but, you won't find me making too many of such images.

Reaching Manali

June 16th, 2020

Reaching Manali

I took the image you see in the blog post when I reached Manali. Manali is in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh in India.

I was staying at a kind of backpacker lodge called The Professor's Hut. It was very bare and basic, but fun. There were just two or three of us staying there, but I did not get to see the other guests, so I could have been alone.

My journey to Manali was uneventful. I took the bus from Delhi, run by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism. The main challenge is to manage your pee since the bus driver does not stop very often. So, drink little, and hope you don't need to piss.

When I arrived, the roads had iced up, and I had to make sure I did not slip and break my nose.

I reached, had some breakfast, stood on the balcony, and then took this image